Friday, December 30, 2011

Double Nice

Hi everybody! After a month focused on fashion and catwalks, I am gonna show you something a bit different.
They were just perfect! lovely, sleepy, funny, one of them showing bit more temper,  I had the best time!, also was my first twin shooting, so it was specially challenging...Nuria and Jorge, they were also amazing, what a great parents and how big love they showed in every second to their kids, Alvaro and Gonzalo.
As many of you know by now, I love babies and imagine how wonderful has been to have this twice!
Congratulations Nuria and Jorge for these beauties, you are a fantastic family!
And to you all,  my readers, have a wonderful 2012! Thanks for this year!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lucia Novias

"This one is gonna be good one!", this is what it came to my mind when the Lucia Novias collection started their show at the Party and Wedding Fair. The most amazing dresses I have seen in a while,  one after the other, the creations were really spectacular!. Ernesto de Sostoa, from the "Gremio de sastres y modistas" qualifies the collecton as "excellent, very classic and elaborated". Also I have to add that the models did a great job, very professionals, unbelievable beautiful and giving everything in every step.
An other fantastic example of the greatness of the Valencian Design. You can find Lucia Novias at C/ En Sanz 12, Valencia. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I give you today the second post from the Weedding and party fair. This time is Mompo. The beauty of his work goes beyond the imagination.
"King of the volumes, His collection surprises againg with the impossible volumes, and the architectonical use of the fabrics". (Ernesto de Sostoa comments about his colleague). I could´t describe it any better.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Valentin Herraiz

25 to 27 of November we had the opportunity to enjoy at the Valencia Fair , The Wedding and Party fair.
What I was waiting the most, was to get to see all the custom designs, that the very talented designers that Spain, and Valencia specially, had to offer. Not disappointed at all,  the show was amazing ..lovely dresses, textures, fabrics, was just great!
The Gremio de sastres y modistas of Valencia has been one of the "must to visit spot", and many of the shows (that I will post bit by bit in my blog), belong to this Gremio. Indeed very talented and creative people.
The first I want to share with you  is Valentin Herraiz´s collection. Ernesto de Sostoa mentions about his colleague: " Our great Valentin, the master, shows againg the Glamour of the city of Valencia, dresses full of style, sobriety, elegancy and exquisiteness."

Also was my first proper experience as a fashion show photographer, and I must say that I will do it thousands times more.

Stay around, much more to come! (Mompo, Ernesto de Sostoa, Lucia Novias...)