Thursday, July 12, 2012

The little artists

Today I got my kids into a photographic session that I wanted to do long time ago, but sometimes is easier to photograph everyone´s kids but your own :).
So, last may I had the oportunity to discover and participate in one of the most original happenings in Helsinki, so called "The cleaning day" or "Siivouspäivä". On this day, the whole city turned into a street market, where people sold everything they didn´t need anymore. From bikes to skirts, toys, guitars, shoes...anything! Helsinki was a huge recycling center. As part of this happening, was placed in Lasipalatsi square, a container, with 6 sewing machines, and loads of remnants  from the well known Marimekko design company. 
The idea behind this, was, to use this leftovers and  sew something new. There, to guide everyone, was the incredible girls, Mari Savio, Lotta Charlotte, Heta, Oona... They were the ones that helped me to start what is becoming my new hobby.  
For Lukas I did the shorts, and Noa the dress in black, white and red pattern. They are my first ever handmade clothes, and I have the feeling that more will come.
The other dress that Noa is wearing is from Cos.
Now I just can´t wait for the next "Cleaning day"!. And if you want to see more of what happened that week, you can visit my facebook page in here.
See you in my next post, promise very soon!