Thursday, September 27, 2012

Together we are...

Sometimes, when photographing families, comes straight away a feeling of complete happiness,  love and joy. This is what happened with one of my favorites families. I don´t think I ever meet anyone as fantastic as each one of these guys. Pure happiness just to see them talking, playing or just looking at each other. They are unique, and there is something this world really needs! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The beautiful Landskrona, Ven and Copenhagen.

This summer I had a very short but unbelievable family holiday to Sweden. 
Landskrona is a small town in the west coast of Sweden. Old Fishermen town, with a nice atmosphere, and lovely crystal water beach. Very friendly people, everything with a wonderful decoration and been taken care of. Just on a half an hour ferry trip, is the Island of Ven. There was set the first stars observatory of Europe. Now is a farmer land, the views are amazing and the Museum is worth to visit. You can move around the island on rented bike, horse or bus, also walking is a very good idea.
In our way back home , we pay a short visit to Copenhagen. The old town is very charming, the buildings are just great. Is a place where we should go back to explore bit better for sure!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Onni , Sulo and Pikkusisko

What a wonderful  family, full of love. Absolutly beautiful children, the lovely Onni and Sulo got a little sister! :)  These kids are just great, they were posing, playing, even acting, in a great mood and attitude. I have been so happy to take their family portrait. Congrats Virve an Sampsa!