Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A space for Boys and Girls

Today , I would like to try a bit the interior photography again, and I have test it in my own home.
I shoot our kids room. I think the challenge is to keep a tiny room, adapted for boys and for girls needs, toys, clothes..etc.
This room used to be a kitchen, yes a kitchen, and this is the result after selling and give away everything that was in there, fill holes, close old pipes, remove the wall papers, paint, put new floors, and redecorated.
I like to keep it simple, as you have probably notice in all my shoots, and also with the decoration.
The colour bit comes from wall decor, self-made window flags with recycling material, framed kids drawings, own illustrations and ethnic pieces from Mozambique, Honduras, Peru...bit of the nice things from around the world that our family and friends has given to us.
Hope you enjoy it!

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