Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter DIY

I have been for a long time into the DIY ( Do It Yourself ) fever. I enjoy so much the fact that you can create beautiful things, just with a bit of imagination, some variety of materials, some inspiration, and... voilà!
So for this post, I have decide to do a bit of DIY tutorial, very simple and easy to do.
For this I have used 4 eggs, You can boil them, or empty them doing a hole on the bottom of them.
Myself i am going to the emptying choice, because I might hang them on a garland afterwords , and i need them to be light.
Now, the fun bit. You can start drawing with markers, stick tape, watercolor or glue, whatever you want on top. The ideal would be to give them a layer of running glue mixed with water, and apply it with a brush, it will help to fix the decoration and make the shell much stronger, Remember, if you empty the egg it becomes super fragile and breaks easily.
Easter eggs ready to decorate the table this days!
Enjoy it!
See you very soon.


  1. Muy chulas! Tan geométricos y no tan cursis como suelen ser ( y como yo seguro que hubiera hecho ) ... : )

  2. Gracias Ella!! Me alegro que te gusten! :)