Monday, April 15, 2013

Revive Finland

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of participating and collaborate in a great project that is been rooted in Helsinki, aiming the progress and the cultural invest of a community in Colombia.
The project is called Revive Finland, a non-profit organisation brought alive by Hanna Rentola, Carolina Estrella and William Rivera.
This project has count with the great collaboration of  Eva and Manu, Tommy Lindgren, Emma Salokoski, guitarist Jarmo Saari, accordion player Niko Kumpuvaara , Felix Zenger  and the group Pop up. Giving a Concert at Nosturi, Helsinki to collect money for the cause.
Estacion Caribe is a group of young musicians who grew up in the middle of the violence in the heart of Moravia, a slum in MedellĂ­n, Colombia. They are a model of strength and joy, qualities needed to overcome the devastation left by the conflict. And is the roll model that Revive Finland wants to give to all the youngsters in Colombia. No violence, no drugs, only Music!
Great project, isn´t it?

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