Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Winter Garden beauty

Last week I paid a visit to the Winter Garden in Helsinki. There has been renovations during the winter, and was wrapped, so I was just curious to see how it was going to look now. I have been visiting every now and then during my years in Helsinki, doing photoshoots and visiting with family, and I recommend as a spot to keep in mind.

The building is just beautiful, just like the Botanic University Garden, that I photographed and presented on my blog some time ago.
I dedicated this blog to all you greens lovers, and the "viherpeukalo" people, Like Kerttu or Seija (living in Sweden), to encourage them to keep taking care of these beauties that brings so much joy to all of us.
Hope you like it!


  1. Beautiful pictures! The place looks so grand from the outside, put in the pictures the inside looks really cosy!

    1. thanks Ella! Happy that you like it! Hugs! :)