Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY Crowns

Today is raining and quite grey here in Helsinki, so perfect day for a DIY that I love and I want to share for you.
Normally I use these kind of accessories  for kids and families shootings, when I want to add a bit of color to the set or get a fun image.
These crowns, are just great, not to girly, not to boring, just fun and lovely!
We need to rescue few toilet paper rolls from the recycling bin, some white paper, paper tape, scissors, rubber band and glue.
First lets wrap the roll with white folio, so we will avoid any kind of see through text or images.
After been glued, we will choose our tapes to go on top, combine the designs and the colours to get nicer effects.
once is glued, draw on the top of it a line of triangles. Cut them off, and add the rubber band on the bottom of it.
Ready! I will love to see how your Crown looks like! send me some pictures of your creations!
See you very soon!

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