Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lluvia´s family

This summer is been quite intense I have to say, I am happy to spend some time with my little ones ( in fact I have my girl on my lap while writing this post :)) and also photographing all kinds of interesting things ( that I will be posting very soon too).

But, I was missing you all ! So I am gonna share something that i did few weeks ago already.

Couple of months ago, I received the message from an old client, and also friend. I had her family photographed some years ago, when her daughter was just a baby :) She wanted some pictures from her family again. And also get some nice images from her kids...they had a boy some months ago...and to be honest I was really looking forwards to meet him! :)
They came to my place, we had coffee, cake..nice chat..and I was just thinking...How wonderful this family is!! Their energy is go great! brilliant parents and kids, you just have to love them! Let me introduce you to beautiful Lluvia and her family. Pure Joy!

See you in my next post, and keep enjoying the summer!

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