Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dulce de leche

Back in Helsinki, but still with my mind in Valencia, I am going to show you the one place that you have to visit if you ever go to Valencia.
Is called Dulce de leche, like the one delicious dessert so much used in Argentina and Peru.
Is located at Pintor Gisbert 2, in the popular area of Ruzafa.
This project of AnalĂ­a Lanfranco and Javier Ferrer, has had the most warming welcome. With an exquisite Scandinavian styled space, and the most gorgeous cakes, breads, muffins, alfajores, coffee..all done in the Organic way, Dulce de Leche is without a doubt the place to spend the mornings or the afternoons.
There also you can find an small exhibition of their other great project "Simple" . Simple is bringing back all the typical spanish products, done in the manual way, and in the old style. Really beautiful products that are worth to save for dissapering in our industrialized world.
Next time I go to Valencia, I will photograph it for you all to enjoy it.
Right now lets be at Dulce.

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