Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fall in Rome

This fall we spend a couple of nights at the wonderful city of Rome. It was not the first time that we had visited this country, few years ago we  pay a short visit to Milan, which was lovely.

As a city with high amount of visitors, I really didn´t have much expectations, as I normally try to avoid all the crowded turist atractions, but really I have love it.

We spend the night at the Berg Luxury Hotel up north of the city but still quite central, close to Via Veneto. From there everything in center is walking distance and we were ready to see it all! so this location was great. The Hotel was very pleasant, clean, modern ans spacious, highly recommend it.

View from the Hotel.

Really close by are the Spanish Stairs, the views are wonderful and we were extremely lucky with the weather!

In the Trastevere area, in the other side of the river, we found a very nice coffee place/bar B>Gallery. Nice decor and cold beer, excellent for a break, also WiFi.

The Colosseum was under renovation.

The old town was full of beautiful streets, handycrafters and lovely restaurants. We follewed the restaurant choice from a Spanish Newspaper travellers guide #Where the Romans eat#.  Matricianella was our first choice and didn´t dissapoint us, good food, nice atmosphere, friendly staff. Very nice. In the Trastevere our choice would have been Ca Enzo, but was absolutly packed, I recommend booking in advance.

The Piazza del Popolo seems to be a place to sit down and rest, read a book or just enjoy the sun. 

The River was really a place to be during the sunset. the light was perfect and the atmosphere lively and friendly.

Castel de Sant Angelo

At noon thousands of birds were filling the sky with a neverending dance.

View of the Vatican from the river.

Local team practicing rowing.

Back home. The traffic is not as crazy as i was told. Sure people jump into the streets without paying much attention to the cars coming full speed, but seems that is what they are used to, nobody cares much and nobody shouts at each other for crossing on red.

North we walked through the Villa Borghese park......

Night time can be an excellent time to visit squares and  monuments. The Romans take care of their heritage and are very proud of it. The lighting in most of the streets was  perfect. Piazza Navona and Panthenon

Chestnuts and Ice cream seem to be in every corner. We visited the oldest ice cream bar at the old town. Ice cream was delicious and the service really professional.