Monday, March 2, 2015

Photography workshop February 2015, Helsinki.

During February I have been hosting a photography workshop in Helsinki. There, the students have learned how to use a DLSR camera in the Manual mode, and forget for ever the automatic mode.
We went through the technical part, where everything from Shutter speed to ISO was taking care of, understanding the lenses of the cameras was a big deal too.
During the last day we built our own pinhole camera.
The workshop had also a practice time every day.
This was actually my first time ever hosting a course-workshop, but the feedback has been great, and I think the group was absolutely fantastic!, From here I Thank to everyone of you that have been part of it.

The building of the Pinhole camera and the improvised darkroom, was a very nice challenge to understand how light travels and the cameras work.

Great experience and great group, i am very happy! More workshops to come very soon!

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