Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter wonderland for winter mom.

Winter maternity shoot was in our minds, the moment we meet, Paola and me, to talk about these session.
We loved the idea of embracing the winter and the nature, and as the snow started to come to Finland, we were checking the weather forecast almost every weekend, to get the right day.
Finally the perfect day for winter shooting arrived, and I cannot be more pleased with the result.
Paola looks great! and the surroundings helped us to get this one moment that will not be forgotten.


  1. I contacted amparoespanaphotography about a month ago, but upto this day I have not received any messages from her. So I am not sure if this blog is this working or not. Or at least the contact info that is here, is it valid?

  2. Hi gwaps, Sorry to hear this, I normally answer everyone in less that 48 hours, but I haven´t receive any msg from you, the info is right, and blog is working, Feel free to send me again your request. BR, Amparo