Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Destination: Madrid in 40 hours.Day one

Last October, in our way back to Helsinki from Valencia, we decided to make a day and a half stop in Madrid. As our plane was departing from there, we took the speed train Alvia, from Valencia (very comfortable, good price and in less than 2 hours we were already in Madrid).
The weather was still very nice, sunny and warm. So we started to walk our way into the center neighborhoods. From our Hostel in Puerta del Sol, was so easy to get anywhere around, by walking or metro. We went towards the barrio La Latina, and visit the lively market of San Miguel for a quick snack. A renovated old market, where  you can now enjoy the food straight from the shop counter to your plate. 
For "real" food, it is advised to avoid touristic areas, so we didn't eat here. 

The Plaza Mayor is near by. Beautiful buildings, lovely atmosphere, full of terraces and coffee places. 

 Our next destination was the Santa Ana square and surroundings for a late lunch. There you can find lovely restaurants that serve really good food. The walking in the city it felt so mellow, even walking with kids, nothing seemed too difficult. There is so much to see, and enjoy street after street.

Back towards the Puerta del Sol we pay a visit to the wonderful facade of the La Caixa building. There is a Vertical Garden that I wanted to visit for a while.  The contrast in the square is incredible. Metallic look of the Caixa Museum, towards the green alive facade in it opposite. Very special.

That Afternoon we went to visit some friends in the Malasaña barrio. Lovely area, really recommend to visit it.The 2 de Mayo Square is like the heart of this neighbourhood,  In our way there we pass the Center Streets of Madrid.

After a dinner in a family restaurant from Malasaña , Casa Julio, famous for their speciality: Croquetas, ( highly recommended). We headed to our Hostel, back to Puerta del Sol. The Hostel building was really nice and the family rooms really great, nice design, clean and spacious, at Toc Hostels.

To be continued...

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