Friday, January 9, 2015

Destination: Madrid in 40 hours. Day two

Day two in our Madrid staying, we visited the Matadero culture center. Easily accessible by metro, we were very pleased as at that point there was a product design and typography exhibition (Type Directors Club!).
The area is spacious, and the architecture wonderful. Before an old and abandoned slaughterhouse, Nowadays offers all kind of cultural events, exhibitions and concerts. Well done Madrid.

 Kids were happy as it was a very safe space to run around and explore freely.

Leaving Matadero towards the river we enjoyed the views and the nice graffitis and wall art around the area. 

Next stop was the Retiro Gardens. There we took some picnic with us, and decide to take it easy and walk around.
The Gardens are just so welcoming, looks like is the place for people to spend the afternoons, do some jogging or meet for a coffee.

The Retiro has a building that I was eager to visit. The Crystal Palace. It was built in 1887 to exhibit flora and fauna from the Philippines. The architect was Ricardo Velazquez and  is currently used for art exhibits. We didn't make it inside, as a new exhibition was been mounted at that point, but the surroundings were as wonderful as the building itself.

The well known Retiro pond was in our way out. It is nice to see the people in their boats and sit down for a while. In The Gardens there is also a very nice playground for children, very much recommended to visit. Just remember to buy your picnic from somewhere else than from the park.

The rest of the day we spent at the Chueca neighbourhood. Really charming area with lots of shopping possibilities and interesting architecture. There's also plenty of very good restaurants. We went to a family restaurant called El Bocaito. Very good with friendly owners and staff.
Madrid is really a city that has to be visited! We are looking forwards to go back and visit more of the spots that we missed, and maybe staying bit longer.

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