Monday, February 1, 2016

8 hours in Copenhagen with kids

Copenhagen is one of the the cities that i like a lot, as many of you know already.
This year, coming back to Helsinki, we decided to make stop in this beautiful city for few hours, and have a quick taste of it during the winter season.

We arrived in the noon, stayed over night, and next day, have our 8 hour tour with kids in Copenhagen.

As we were staying quite close to the old town and the weather was cold and snowy, we plan a walked that will provide a warm shelter every now and then. So we head to the Round Tower, and the Botanic Garden. From there, we took metro to the center ( the day ticket is great to move around the city, and also to go back to the Airport), walked around Frederiksberg and Vesterbro. Quick stop in center to get new socks for everyone ( as kids had soaked shoes :/) and the one thing that kids loved was the Lego Store, which is paradise for them.

Here some of the pics of the day.

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